Art by Arcadio Rodaniche

Art Vitae

Arcadio Rodaniche has made a life of juggling his love of art with his career as a marine biologist for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, his country of origin. His still life paintings, landscapes, and marine drawings can be found in private collections, foreign embassies, and corporate offices across Latin America and the US.

During his career with STRI in Panama, which lasted until his retirement in 1993, he also spent extended time in Australia, (Lizard Island), the western Pacific (Guam, Palau, Papua, New Guinea, Truk, Ponape), Hawaii, the Philippines, and India. Rodaniche taught himself the technique of stippling necessary to render scientific illustration for his own scientific publications of cephalopods (octopus, squid, cuttlefish) as well as the work of other scientists. In August of 2015, a scientific publication was released about the Larger Pacific Striped Octopus, which is featured in several of his drawings. Based on work begun in Panama in the 70s, this co-authored paper describes octopus behavior so unique that it was originally dismissed in some scientific circles but has now been validated by a team of colleagues at the University of CA (Berkeley), the CA Academy of Sciences, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute.

Influenced by Andrew Wyeth and San Francisco painter and personal friend Max FitzPatrick (1923-1993), he is a self-taught painter, although he received some formal instruction at the University of Panama as well as with Albert Handell in Woodstock, NY. He originally began painting in oils and acrylics as a hobby, but in 1975 he won first prize for the Xerox Concurso de Arte in Panama, motivating him to take himself more seriously as an artist. Since then he has participated in numerous exhibits and competitions.

Upon moving to Pennsylvania in 1999, Rodaniche has exhibited at the Southern Alleghenies Museum Biennial and other local events. He now resides in Altoona with his wife where he continues painting, is a member of Arts In Common, and enjoys working and relaxing in their Japanese garden. Several of his acrylics are currently on display at the 321 Gallery in Hollidaysburg, PA. Original drawings are available through the artist at arcadiorodaniche(AT), and more recent examples of his work can be seen on his Facebook artist page.